The Etiquette of Konyoku (mixed gender bathing) in Japan

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Today, I introduce about etiquette and manner of Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing) . Konyoku is mixed gender bath. Although Japanese people don’t like to visit there, but Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing)  is getting popular these days for tourists all over the world.

Through reading the page, you could try to use Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing) very well.

Check if swimsuits and towel can be used.

Firstly, you have to check whether you should wear a swimsuit. And also, you have to check if you should put on a towel around your waist before entering into Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing) .

Basically, putting a towel into hot spring is not good for sanitation, so there are many Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing)  saying not to put and bring a towel.

Each hot spring has every manners and rules, so beforehand, please check the note about using Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing).

If manners and rules don’t fit your culture, I suggest you not to go to Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing) .

Keep the basic manner in Konyoku.

In Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing), without the border between males and females, you could enjoy seeing the beautiful panorama as putting yourself in hot spring.

It gets easy to open mind, but please keep the basic rules and manners promised always.

Don’t make a raw, enter as drunk, enter before washing yourself and swim in hot spring. Of course, these situations are not available. 

Don’t watch out the different gender with interesting eyes.

Both males and females have to keep this. That is the important rule to use Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing).

Thus, don’t be Crocodile. This is the rule of Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing).

Don’t take a photo

This bad manner is increasing by the influence of SNS’s popularity these days. Don’t use the device such as smartphone even in the hot spring. Moreover, entering the device into the hot spring, you could be attracted by property loss.

Don’t do like be doubted.

The worst manner in Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing)  is morally questionable action. The cause of this makes some Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing)  facilities closed. Never do skinship too much and things which makes you doubt.

The Etiquette of Konyoku (mixed gender bathing) in Japan


To enjoy Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing) , please these rules and manners. If you want to know more about how to enjoy Japanese hot spring except for Konyoku (Mixed Gender Bathing), please visit the below site.


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