A lot of swans stay every year at Azumino Swan Lake during the last of October to May. It is only here where about 500 ~ 2,000 swans can be seen. Please see many swans which are a symbolic bird of Japan in Azumino, Nagano Prefecture.

Many photoglafer gether to Swan Lake in Azumino every year

Many swans coming flying to Azumino Swan Lake from 36 years ago. This scene is renowned inside nature photographers in Japan, every year a lot of photographers come to Azumino.

Without photographer, recently some motor coach tour coming peak season. The peak season is the last of January to early February. 

There are parking and restroom near Swan Lake

There is a temporary restroom(November to March), the huge free parking and WC. Don’t worry that you keep a long time to take a best photo.

Etiquete to see coming flying of swans

Swan flies for cry of dog and smell of feces and urine. Please refrain from dog walking. Swan flies away by sound of hunting gun. Person hunting, please be careful. With weight of hook and fishing, swan is hurt every year. Person doing fishing in Saigawa, please cooperate not to leave hook and weight in river. Please refrain from canoe of interval (during swan coming flying) in the winter season. Please refrain from shooting that we use drone.

Swan coming flying information-http://www.city.azumino.nagano.jp.e.xe.hp.transer.com/soshiki/32/10319.html

There are many sightseeing spots in Azumino

Around Swan Lake, there are a lot of recommended sightseeing spots. If you have time, please visit other spots!