What meaning is Torii at a shrine in Japan?

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Today, I explain about Torii in the shrine. I’d like to talk about the meaning, kinds of Trii and how to go through gate, what is the name of part clearly with photo.

What meaning is Torii in Shrine

It is Trii that is in the shrine not in the temple. It has the roll bordering between god world and real life.

The name, Trii was came from the situation to enter through the shrine.

The name of Trii is said to become from “Toriiru” in Japanese which means to go through the place of the shrine.

The name was came from the myth called Teniwadodensetsu?

The myth is that Amaterasu Okami was hidden behind the rock wall, he made birds to cry at the tree by himself. The name was from Torii and Torisugi.

According to Shintoism Mokuru Jushou, the book about Japanese god written during the Edo period, it is said that Torii is the symbol of communication among the close and open world. The left rail means men, while the right one means women, and also the Torii, which means the shadow of women.

Etiquette of Torii

There is some etiquette of Torii. At below, we introduce three etiquettes.

Let’s go through Torii after getting off transportation and putting off the hat.

In order to enter into the myth area, you have to put off your hat and get off bicycles. Old prime minister also got off the back of horse to go through and pray there.

You have better go through firstly from the left leg on the left side of Torii.

Next, we can go aside? You have better avoid on the middle of Torii, as the god goes through there, and let’s go on the left side. Moreover, you can go through without attaching to other people if you go on the left side.

Don’t forget to bow before entering through Torii

It is a manner to bow when both of entering and getting out. In Shinto, it is said Ichiyuu. Ise Jingu is different about how to walk. The direction is different depending on whether is Soto Miya or Uchi Miya.

However, Ise Jingu・Uchi Miya is only to walk on the right side, don’t miss it!!

Soto Miya is to walk on the left side.

What is the meaning of too low Shimenawa?

The low Shimenawa looks saying not you to come here. It is said to mean to make people entering naturally bow.

There are many kinds of meanings.

What meaning is Torii at a shrine in Japan?

I talked about Torii as clearly as possible. When you come to Japan and especially, go to the shrine, you take care about manner too much, don’t you?

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