Enjoy Matsumoto Ice Sculpture Festival 2020!

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We visited the Matsumoto ice Sculpture Festival in MatsumotoCity in 2020 today while so cold windy. In this article, We reported atmosphere, contents, information about this festival. If you will go to the festival on February 1st and 2nd, please refer!

Basic Information|Matsumoto Ice Sculpture Festival 2020

This festival started 34 years ago in Matsumoto City. Actually, this festival gathers world-class makers from around the world. In this festival, The World Championship featuring participants from six countries and the Pre-event showcasing young up-and-coming ice sculptors.

Another attraction is the ability to see people visiting production. Visitors can see professional skills up close!

DatesFeb 1, 2020 (Sat) to Feb 2, 2020 (Sun)
Admission FeeFree!
PlaceMatsumoto Castle Park
ParkingThere is a paid parking lot around

Access Matsumoto Castle from Matsumoto Station

TRAIN: 15 min walk from Matsumoto Sta

BUS: Get off at the Matsumotojo, Shiyakushomae (city hall) bus stop of the Town Sneaker Bus from Matsumoto Station

Reporting Matsumoto Ice Sculpture Festival 2020

February 1st, we visited the Matsumoto Ice Sculpture Festival 2020. Recently this area was a little bit warm but today is so cold. It is a good condition for the makers and the festival.

There are about 10 Ice sculptures at Matsumoto Castle, near Nawate Street and Matsumoto Station. These were light-up so beautiful! However February 1st still only saw a half of the whole. The work is made on the morning of February 1st to 2nd!

In this photo, the Makers are making ice sculpture against a castle. The ice becomes a work of art overnight, it is so amazing!

Eating Japanese Festival Foods! at Stall Stand|Matsumoto Ice Sculpture Festival 2020

There are Stall Stands that visitors can eat Typical Japanese Festival Foods! Yakisoba, Takoyaki… If you eat it, it gets hot because it gets cold.

Let’s go to Matsumoto Ice Sculpture Festival 2020

The main festival is from the evening of February 2. Come and see world-class ice sculptures!


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